Luxor Glass Extendable Dining Table

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The Luxor Extending dining table is made from thick high quality tempered glass, making it very durable. The glass table top is 150cm in length and extends out to 220cm, an increase of 35cm to both ends of the table (each end of the table can be extended independently).

The glass top is secured on to four chrome metal legs centred to distribute the weight of the table evenly across. The extending feature is secured via a curved chrome metal peice which stretches along each side of the table, this is also a prominent design feature of this table.

Table Dimensions:

L 150cm x W 90cm x H 76cm - Unextended size
L 185cm x W 90cm x H 76cm - Partially extended size
L 220cm x W 90cm x H 76cm - Fully extended size

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